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Originally set up in 1930, Stone Press Oil House is situated in the village “Kumyaka”, Mudanya, Bursa where Turkey’s most delicious table olives are grown in abundance.It focuses exclusively on the artisanal production of olive oil.
"XI.XI.(Eleven Eleven) Infinity” and “X.X.(Ten Ten) Integrity” are the only stone-crushed, extra virgin olive oils produced in our country. The olives are collected from the trees aged between 30-300, which are grown and well-kept, without using any agricultural spraying or chemical fertilizer, in a 150 acres of olive farms. Hence it is a high-end gourmet product.
Olive, a miracle of the nature, is a very delicate fruit. The olives are carefully and meticulously handpicked from the century-old trees.
They are stored in special 25 kg. air tight containers and on the same day olive leaves are separated from the olives before being stone milled.
After stone milling, the resultant paste is transferred to specially made jute sacks and subsquently pressed. Sacks are left to drain in a designated resting area. This drained oil is also called as “the golden drop”. The oil/water subsequently separate by precipitation alone- no additives/separation agent are used. The oil is then transferred to original 150 year old original earthenware holding tanks prior to the bottling stage. The oil will be bottled and dispatched to the customer on demand however it will rest for a least a month.
Organoleptic qualities, as well as antioxidant and vitamin levels of the XI.XI. Infinity stone-ground dry- pressed extra virgin olive oil are preserved as there is no contact with any metal, chemicals or hot water during the entire production process.
As there is no press used during the entire production process, it requires more amount of olives than it does during the standard press. This exclusive production method is called “Cold Dropped”. Our olive oil is bottled directly. There is no mechanical separation or filtration process. It is produced in a limited amount.


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