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XI.XI Sonsuzluk Gourmet


Originally set up in 1930, our mill focuses exclusively on the artisanal production of olive oil and is located in Western part of Turkey, North Aegean (Trilye, near Mudanya). This region has a rich history in the cultivation of olives.
Being the first company in Turkey to pioneer the traditional stone press, we have two separate olive oil products (premium / golden drop which is the first press and dry-pressed ) with their corresponding brand names: “XI.XI. Infinity Gourmet / Extra Virgin Olive Oil” and “X.X. Integrity Dry - Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil”. All olive oil products are produced in accordance with relevant food safety and environmental legislation.
Institutionalized in 2010, our stone-press mill has been renovated in accordance with the modern production methods, keeping its ambiance.

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