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SİĞİ (Formerly The village KUMYAKA)

Currently situated about 30 km from Bursa and 5 km from Mudanya, the village of Siği (formerly known as Kumyaka) can trace its roots back to the year 80 BC during the reign of Prusias I. Together with its rich history and centuries old olive trees, cobble-stoned streets, three still functional churches and old Greek style houses, this quaint seaside town is definitely worth visiting.
The construction of the large church was commissioned by Emperor Constantine Porphyrogennetos in 780 AD and was subsequently renovated by Konstantin Palaiologos in 1448. It is known that Sultan II.Mahmut granted permission for the church to be restored in 1819

The local villagers frequently tell a tale about the origins of Kumyaka. It it alleged that Konstantin Porphyrogennetos set sail from Istanbul to Bursa. A storm blew up and his ship had to shelter in the nearby town of Siği. Fortunately the local monks rescued the emperor and his imperial crew. Therefore, to the emperor had this church built as a present.

The local folk of SİĞİ have cultivated olives since and indeed it is still possible to find olive trees which are 250 to 300 years old. The plane tree in the centre of the village is 150 years old.

Local authorities and volunteer groups have cleaned up the beaches and the surrounding coast line and commissioned a new water treatment works. Kumyaka is now a popular and bustling resort in the summer season.

The quality of the local soil and indeed the climate in the Kumyaka region is perfect for the cultivation of olives.

It is rumoured in fact that the first olive sapling was brought to Spain from Kumyaka. The Spanish liked those olives so much that they had their King to forbid the Turks from growing olives and making oil.

As a result of this royal restraint order, many olive oil farmers had to close down. By the 1930s, there were only a few remaining olive oil producers in SİĞİ.

The last old-style stone press artisanal producer in the village belongs to our family.

The local townsfolk and the romantic atmosphere of this seaside village continue to form the perfect backdrop to countless television productions and movies.

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