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XI.XI Sonsuzluk Gourmet


The Greek philosopher “Pythagoras“ once famously said "Numbers rule the universe". Accordingly, when numbers are written down as a series of symbols, each and every one of them represents a character.

Numerolojide XI.XI ve X.X Accordingly, number 1 is unique, unrivalled. It is the symbol of eternal life. The symbol of divine intelligence and at the same time the symbol of mankind on Earth. Number 2 on the other hand represents duality of the universe. Number 3 expresses birth on the scale of life. 4 is associated with eternal life and 5 is symbolic of people living on Earth. 6 is linked with the 6 directional coordinates of the universe. 7 represents harmony on Earth. 7 in the same time, represents the seven notes on the musical scale. Finally number 10 is the total of the first four numbers and symbolises harmony in the universe.

When thinking about a name for our oil, we were inspired by ‘unique, unrivalled, eternal’ and “integrity of excellence”. Hence XI.XI.

MEANING OF XI.XI AND X.X IN NUMERELOGY MUDANYA OLIVE SALES POINTS © 2011 Onbir Onbir Sonsuzluk Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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